Our Mission

Our Mission:

ElderHouse enhances the quality of life for aging adults and their caregivers through a broad range of trusted, compassionate, and enriching day services and home-based support.

A Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends:

As the executive director of ElderHouse for over 25 years, I am passionate about the work that we are doing on behalf of seniors in our communities. In a service industry such as adult day care, quality is defined by the people who provide the care. Nowhere will you find a more experienced group of staff professionals than at ElderHouse. We are deeply committed to improving the lives of aging seniors and their caregivers.

The key to our accomplishments is a clear mission, a proven track record in achieving our mission and our ability to demonstrate time and time again success at improving the lives of people in our communities.

We believe that every senior who walks through our doors will experience enrichment and a more positive well-being. This engagement comes through programs that enhance social, physical, and emotional health. Seniors aspire to reach new goals through a plan of care designed just for them.

In addition to seniors, caregivers benefit from the extensive respite programs and support services. Family members trust the staff at ElderHouse to deliver nothing less than excellent care in a compassionate and respectful environment.

Our commitment is to you and your family. If you know a senior whose health is in decline or a caregiver who needs relief from caregiving, give us a call at 203-847-1998, use our contact form or send an email to dcesareo@elderhouse.org. We are here to help.

Thank you for your interest in ElderHouse. We hope to serve you soon.

Denise L Cesareo
Executive Director, ElderHouse